Friday, 8 May 2009

My craft quilling blog gets 100k visitors

Today I'm writing this blog to thank you all. Each and everyone who supported me till now and i reached 100 thousand visitors today.

The very first person whom i would like to thank is Ratish Naroor, one of my strong pillar who helped me create this blog and corrected me in each and every side of my work with lot of suggestions and great support. You can view his website here

So i would like to take this opportunity to thank Ratish Naroor and each and every visitor who supported me and encouraged me to do more of creative work each day.

Yes, I have completed 100 thousand visitors yesterday just in some few months. I started my blog by the end of August and just before i completed 1 year of blogging i got 100 thousand visitors and that's truly an achievement for me.

And all credit for this goes to everyone who reads my blog, regular visitors of my blog and to my followers. I am very happy to know that everyone is enjoying my work and i hope this support continues till the end..

So friends keep reading my blog and keep on supporting me as you always did.



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