Thursday, 23 April 2009

Quilling craft..!!

So here are all the designs and pattern I had done for new quilliers. These simple design patterns will surly help you all in creating more of new and beautiful designs. These are the designs made by me in the start i can say to get more practise on the quilling shapes, arrangements and all.

If i say about quilling its a vast craft. It has no comparision with any other craft. You can create anything out of these simple paper strips, and take my words its anything you can create. I was inspired with lot of blogger doing this craft and thought of trying it out and now I'm loving this craft.

When i tried out for the first time i was not very impressed with this craft, but the day i got a comment from a very experienced quiller i was just so happy and that inspired me so much, then i carried the same attitude forward and tried out all new patterns and design i got from Internet. So very happy now quilling.

If you check my blog i have all recent posts with quilling. And yes i have tried lot of new things in this.
So you can expect more of new designs and patterns.

Till then try out new things that you can and if you wish can share with me your ideas and designs.
I would love to see your comments and suggestions.

Till then HAPPY QUILLING..!!!


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Anonymous sabeeh said...

Hi therE!!!

I LuV YEWr QuIlling Art.. n waNA LEarn IT Plzz hElP Me.. IHAv ALSo TrY SOme BAsIc ShapEs .. N MAde fEww ThinGS BUt I WaNA lEarn Dis Art COmPletEly
I HoPes THAt YEw Will HElp me..


24 May 2009 at 02:08  

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