Thursday, 8 January 2009

Duplex Paper Flowers - The Daffodil Flowers

Duplex paper craft is back again. Today they are Daffodil flowers the real beautiful flowers.

Daffodil flowers have a trumpet-shaped structure and the background is star-shaped.

So lets learn how to make this beautiful craft.

1. Duplex paper (yellow, Red, Green)
2. Green crape paper
3. Pollens/pips (white, black)
4. Aluminium wire
5. Thread
6. Cotton fibre
7. Glue

How to make Daffodil flowers:

1. Firstly for the trumpet-shaped structure cut apart a piece of 10cm x 5.5 cm in yellow duplex paper.

2. Stick the portion from one end to other and make a cylindrical structure.

3. Take some 5-6 pollens tie the bottom with the wire.

4. Hold the pollen at the centre of the cylindrical structure and tie the bottom with the thread and in this way the trumpet-shaped structure is ready.

5. Cut apart 2 pieces of 7.5cm x 4cm petal shape, the shape you can take of as a normal leaf shape (a long leaf shape).

6. Now take one petal apply glue on it and place a piece of aluminium wire in the centre and place the other petal on it.

7. In the similar way make 6 more petals.

8. Arrange three petals uniformly around the trumpet-shaped structure.

9. Again arrange other three petals uniformly in such way that each petals stands in between the previous two.

10. Now make long leaves same way as petals are made using Green duplex paper.

11. Arrange some cotton fibre on the stem of the flower ans start wrapping using green crape paper or even you can use green tape. Arrange leaves accordingly.

Now here is a beautiful Daffodil flowers ready.


Daffodils, the flowers symbolising friendship.


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Blogger k.navyabharathi said...

hi your flowers are very nice are rare collection

30 October 2011 at 06:25  
Blogger k.navyabharathi said...

hi your flowers are very awesome

30 October 2011 at 06:26  

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