Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Quilling craft designs- Bunny with Flowers

Now came out with new creation in quilling. There are lot of this i tried out and majorly those were floral craft. So thought of doing something different and here i tried out a cute bunny.

This is a real cute greeting card which i made as the bunny came out to be really good.

As i had mentioned in my earlier post that I'll be trying out miniature quilling. this is one of miniature quilling.

Here is the method of making miniature bunny and flowers:

1. Bunny: Roll a brown 18" teardrop for the body (teardrop is the shape of the body, check out in the pic). Add 7" teardrop for the head and 2 brown 2.5" marquises for the ears. Roll a brown 3" brown teardrop for the foot and a brown 2" loose circle for the tail.

2. Marquise Flower (make 2): Glue together 5 dark pink 2" marquises (marquises is the shape of the petal, it looks like eyes). Add 1.5" yellow tight circle for flower's center.

3. Bunny Ear flower (make 3): Glue together 3 purple 2.5" bunny ears (bunny ears is the shape of the petals of purple flowers shown in the pic) and add a 1.5" white tight circle for flower's center.

4. Stems and leaves: Add green stem to each flower. Roll a 5" green marquise and a 4" green marquise for the leaves.

Here is how u can make a cute miniature greeting card.

There are lot of names of the shapes used in the post. Will have a new post with all basic shapes and the names of it for better understanding.

Here is my Bunny with flowers cards.


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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Quillied Earrings - Patterns and Designs

Quillied earrings are always beautiful and more Eco friendly than any other earrings.
I have tried out Quillied Earrings earlier and came out really good.

This time I tried out a different pattern in earrings and even this came out to me amazing. So try out this quillied earring and enjoy your own designed earrings.

Here is the one I made.


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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Dried Bamboo leaves and hay Craft - Birds Nest

This is not the first time I'm trying out some craft using dried and waste things. Even earlier i have done a craft using Waste Branches - Rose on Branches.

So here I'm back again with some more craft using dried bamboo leaves and dried grass.

1. Dried bamboo leaves and hey or grass
2. Aluminium wire
3. Jute thread
4. Some artificial birds (for more decoration)
5. Glue

How to make:

1. Take a long aluminium wire and apply some glue all over the wire.

2. Now paste the dried bamboo leaves and hey all over the aluminium wire thickly and tie it with jute thread tightly.

3. Now roll the aluminium wire slowly making sure the leaves and hey does not fall, this make the nest base.

Here is how the base of the nest will look like.


4. Now tie the bamboo leaves together at one end and leave the other end, now make it look like a clown cap.

5. Next put it above the nest base and tie all ends including the base and keep a small hole in any one side to look like nest.

6. Next get some birds and attach it along the holes to get a natural look.

Here is a beautiful looking birds nest ready to hang on to any corner of your house.


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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Quilling designs - The flying bird

I am trying out more and more designs in Quilling and I am really loving this craft.
Friends do try out this interesting craft and you will enjoy it. It just looks like simple paper strips but, the creativity is up to you how you can make different designs and patterns out of it. You can make just any figures and any thing out of it and you can make it on any material.

In my next post I'll show the basic shapes of quilling craft so that it will be much easier for you all.

Wait for more on quilling designs.

Here is the one i made on a paper bag. This was a simple plane paper bag but, i made it look more attractive with this simple craft.

How is it ?


Design on a paper bag.


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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Paper Foil Craft - The golden Nightingale

I came up with some more interesting craft. The paper foil craft is very interesting and looks really beautiful. Its nothing to say difficult to make. You will enjoy making different things out of these paper foils. I used silver paper foil which is easily available in market but, it was difficult for me to get the golden foils so nothing to think much just got some cadbury chocolates and got the golden foils.

Materials you need:
1. Paper foils (Golden and Silver)
2. Card paper
3. Glue

How to make it:

1. Make sure the design you want to make and cut the paper foils accordingly.

2. Here I first cut the small branches using silver foil then cut the birds using golden foil.

3. Cut the small leaves you need accordingly.

4. Make sure whatever you need for the design is cut ready.

5. Now apply glue very carefully on each pieces and stick it on the card paper.

Paper foil is a very delicate material so be very careful while cutting small parts of designs.

In this way you can make lot of different kind of designs using these simple foil papers.

Here is the one I made.


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Sunday, 11 January 2009

How to make Tea Bag Folding Craft

Tea bag folding is a paper folding technique, using tea bags or small printed pieces of paper to form a geometric design. It is also known as kaleidoscope folding. Tea bag folding has their own unique techniques. You can experiment a lot of folding techniques and have fun.

It was difficult for me to find the Tea Bag Fold Paper, so as its my first try i made it out of gift wrapping paper.

Here I would like to share one of the simple folding technique with you all.

Materials you need:
1. Tea bag folding paper (Its ready paper which shows square pieces of design or as your first try you can try using gift wrapping paper)
2. Scissor
3. Glue
4. Card paper (for greeting card)

How to make?

Follow these simple folding techniques shown in the picture.

1. Take a square piece of paper (tea bag marble piece) and fold it from one corner to other as shown in the picture.


2. In the second fold you need to take the other two ends and fold it to the center point.


3. The second fold should like this.


4. Now make the fourth fold from the folded two ends as shown in the doted lines.


5. The fourth fold should like this.


6. Make four such similar folds and arrange it accordingly.


Now make a greeting card out of these simple tea bag designs.

Here is my greeting card ready made out of Tea bag folding craft. I will come up with more on tea bag fold technigues and greeting cards.


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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Duplex Paper Flowers - The Daffodil Flowers

Duplex paper craft is back again. Today they are Daffodil flowers the real beautiful flowers.

Daffodil flowers have a trumpet-shaped structure and the background is star-shaped.

So lets learn how to make this beautiful craft.

1. Duplex paper (yellow, Red, Green)
2. Green crape paper
3. Pollens/pips (white, black)
4. Aluminium wire
5. Thread
6. Cotton fibre
7. Glue

How to make Daffodil flowers:

1. Firstly for the trumpet-shaped structure cut apart a piece of 10cm x 5.5 cm in yellow duplex paper.

2. Stick the portion from one end to other and make a cylindrical structure.

3. Take some 5-6 pollens tie the bottom with the wire.

4. Hold the pollen at the centre of the cylindrical structure and tie the bottom with the thread and in this way the trumpet-shaped structure is ready.

5. Cut apart 2 pieces of 7.5cm x 4cm petal shape, the shape you can take of as a normal leaf shape (a long leaf shape).

6. Now take one petal apply glue on it and place a piece of aluminium wire in the centre and place the other petal on it.

7. In the similar way make 6 more petals.

8. Arrange three petals uniformly around the trumpet-shaped structure.

9. Again arrange other three petals uniformly in such way that each petals stands in between the previous two.

10. Now make long leaves same way as petals are made using Green duplex paper.

11. Arrange some cotton fibre on the stem of the flower ans start wrapping using green crape paper or even you can use green tape. Arrange leaves accordingly.

Now here is a beautiful Daffodil flowers ready.


Daffodils, the flowers symbolising friendship.


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Monday, 5 January 2009

Quilling Design - Lord Ganesha

I am back again with some more Quilling craft. This craft is so vast that its actually to say its never ending.

See here my new work on this craft. I have made Lord Ganesha out of this paper strips and I am very happy it came out so well. These are just not simple strips, you can create all sorts of beautiful art out of this simple strips.

Now I am going to learn on Miniature Quilling which is much more tough than these but miniature Quilling looks just too beautiful.

Wait for more on Quilling craft till then let everyone be blessed with the powers of Lord Ganesha.

Here is my work. How is it ?


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My Quilling work posted on a website


Sunday, 4 January 2009

My Quilling Art posted on a Website

Hi friends..!! I am very happy to say that my just started Quilling Art is posted by a very experienced and most popular too-bad-dogs-inc.com website who is into Quilling Craft from almost 48 years.

This website has posted my Quiiling art Quilling Patterns-Designs and Christmas Greeting Card- Quilling Craft with Calligraphy.

Thanks to Gene & Charli who accepted my Art work and appreciated it.


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year - Welcome 2009

Happy New year to all my visitors and friends. May this year bring lots of brightness, happiness and luck to all of you.

Enjoy reading blog and do post your valuable comments. :)