Saturday, 29 November 2008

Cursive Font Calligraphy

This is the first time I came up with Calligraphy. I wanted to do this long back but didn't want to post something very simple like something on a paper or anything like that. Here I did calligraphy on a piece of mirror, this can be gifted to someone special.

So here is a new piece I tried out.

Materials I used:
1. Piece of mirror
2. Calligraphy Nib
3. Handmade paper

Cut a piece of handmade paper and stick it on the piece of mirror. Then using the calligraphy nib I just wrote some simple words with "CURSIVE FONT".

This is a thank you note written on the showpiece. Yes, this is a real beautiful showpiece that can be given to your favourite someone.

How is this piece of calligraphy I tried out?



Saturday, 22 November 2008

Bull Wire Craft - Trendy bag

This is one trendy bag made of Bull Wire.

Even this bag need some 60 pieces of long bull wire. See the design made out of this wire. Its completely handmade. The design is made by tying each knot very tightly.

This looks awesome and a real trendy bag. After you finish making the bag just need to give it to a bag shop who will stitch it inside with silk cloth and a chain.

This is the handle made for the bag.


This is the main design pattern for body of the bag.


So how does this completed bag look like?



Friday, 21 November 2008

Fabric Painting

Here I am back again with fabric painting. Found some old Dupatta and thought of renewing it. Using some fabric colours and some good designs on it. I have made this plane dupatta look beautiful with lot of work on it.

To make this more beautiful you can do a running stitch over the outline of the design and add some beads to it.

This is a simple fabric paint design.



Saturday, 15 November 2008

Bull Wire - Mobile cover

Normally looking at this you would think this is made of macrome thread or crochet thread. This is a different thread much thicker, this is as thick as a sack rope but you can make all different kinds of bags, batwas and mobile cover or anything you like to create and this thread is Bull Wire Thread.


1. Bull wire thread (300gms approx)

Its always good to have coaching for this as its a bit difficult. You need to have a long thread cut into 20 pieces and then hang them into a rod which is placed on a max height just as the length of the wire.

You need to hang those wires and on the rod and tie them one by one into a design as per the required height and width.

It looks really beautiful and you can make lot of different varieties of bags and all.

Here is one I made.


Its easy to use and looks really good.



Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Zardosi Work on Dress

Zardosi work on dress and Saree's are a blooming trend now a days. So why don't we try out some on our dress or Saree's. If you are new to doing this Zardosi work you can get a book for designs and know how to make it. You'll need some small beads, sequins, silver or golden or colourful spring wires, the thread to use for Zardosi work will be the jewelery making thread as its thick.

You can even make a frame work of Zardosi work as I did. You can check out the previous post of learning Zardosi work - The Dancing Peacock.

Get some designs and learn to make Zardosi and try it out on your own clothes and be proud to wear it.

Here is the one I tried out. It took a lot of time for me to complete, but I am very excited with the outcome.

This is the neckline work with some embroidery.


The continuation of neckline work.


The completed work on dress.



Sunday, 9 November 2008

Jute Material Craft - Making Mobile Cover

Making Mobile cover with jute material. Sounds interesting right!! Yes making this Mobile cover was interesting for me. Its after a long time I did something by sewing. It was quite interesting and I was very excited when I saw this simple little mobile cover ready. This was simple to do.

All you need is a rectangular piece of jute cloth OR you can even cut a piece of waste sack if you have. Then stitch two sides of it by sewing it leave some space in the top for the cover. Get a lace for the handle and stitch it along.

This is how you can get a simple handmade mobile cover. Handmade are always beautiful as you can make anything using your imagination.

Here is the one I made, I used waste sack and colour it using fabric colour. and decorate it with some sequins and try keeping it simple.



Cross Stitch - The Peacock

This is my new work on Cross Stitch. In my earlier blog Creating Humming bird cross stitch art is shown where you can learn how to make Cross Stitch designs.

You can get lot of designs from any Art store. So get your favourite designs and start making cross stitch. Its fun, easy and the outcome is too good.

Here is the new one I made.



Thursday, 6 November 2008

Ice Cream Sticks Craft

Craft made of Ice cream stick is a common art. Kids are more found of this as its fun. You can made lot of different things out of ice cream sticks like a house, wall hangings, basket, pen stand etc.

To make ice cream sticks craft you just need is lot of sticks and good imagination to make some craft out of it.

Here is a house of ice creams sticks and you will need around 100 sticks to make it some beautiful lace, thermocol balls, small dolls and other decorative materials.

Just apply glue on the sticks and make wall hangings or house or anything you wanna make out of it.

This is one I made. My dream Home.



Sunday, 2 November 2008

Embroidery Design on Cloth

Embroidery is a beautiful handicraft sewn on fabric or garment with colored threads and create a beautiful design. Embroidery can be by hand or machine.

Embroidery can be done on any kind of fabric. You can design your own dress, curtains, bedsheets, cushion covers, towels, Saree's, etc.

There are different varieties of embroidery stitches and lots of different designs. You can get these designs from anywhere in art store. A book can help to to learn different embroidery designs.

Here I did "Long Stitch" embroidery work on a kurta. I just used in this design is long stitches i.e. draw a design you like on fabric and take out any thread colour of your choice take the needle and thread inside from one end and then take it out from one end. You should use an embroidery ring so that the cloth will hold tight on it and the design can me made in a more neat and proper way. In this way do this stitches evenly on the design.

Here is the one made by me.


Using some decorative beads or any other decorative items on the embroidery.