Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A new life..... A new begining.....!!!!!

After long two months I'm back to my blogging world, just not blogging world a new world with a new life.

Yes, I'm getting back to my normal life after a long one month of married life. A life filled with fun, excitement & lot of responsibilities. Learning of new things each passing day makes me feel great at the same time missing my parents.

Staying far from your parents is not an easy task.. What more to say, thats life.. :)) But, lucky to have good in-laws to live a happy life.

On my wedding day with my sweet little friend. The one who stood with me in all my ups and downs, who stood with me when i needed the most. Thanx a ton SWAP for being with me, stay the way you are.. Love you a lot.

With my hubby :) A great husband with a great support for me.

Need all your blessings for my future. Will be coming soon with all my brand new crafts

More of quilling designs, murals and all time favorite glass painting designs.