Sunday, 30 August 2009

Making Sponge Flowers - White Roses

Back with one more interesting craft. Making flowers using Sponge. These sponge flowers are done earlier by me, but those were different quality of sponge. It was plastic sponge. You can check out those Making white sponge flowers.

Here is the normal sponge that we all know. So now i have made cute little roses out of these normal sponge material:

Materials needed:

1. Sponge (Any colour)
2. Aluminium wire
3. Thread
4. Green tape


1. Take a rectangle piece of sponge of and fold it into half lengthwise

2. Take a piece of aluminium wire and wrap the folded sponge over the wire in circular motion.

3. Tie the sponge using thread and wrap it with green wire.

Sounds simple right ?? And yes it is really simple.

Look at this picture and you will come to know.


Here is the completed arrangement of Sponge flowers. Have a look.


A different angle to the picture :)


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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Queries on ceramic mural art materials

My ceramic mural is still my favorite and i guess all my visitors favorite too.
I'm getting lot of mails and comments for my Ceramic mural work.

Now, I have received similar kind of comments and mails asking for what exactly is whitening powder and DINK and where are these materials available.

1. About whitening powder its easily available in hardware stores. As for just normal Whitening powder. You can also use ceramic powder as a substitute instead of whitening powder.

2. About DINK i have mentioned in details about what is DINK in my post on Making Ceramic Mural Art - African Mask. I know this name as DINK, this is proper Indian name.

You can get Dink easily available in Grocery stores. If anyone gets it and has a different name for DINK please do let me know.
So that I'll be sharing it with everyone .

I hope everyone is clear about whitening powder and DINK.

Thank uou. :)


Sunday, 23 August 2009

Origami paper Tulip Flowers Video

Hi, here is something for you which you have never seen made by me, yes some paper craft, some Origami paper craft.

Anyhow i would desperately like to try this out, unfortunately i could not get Origami papers here. So, my search is in progress. Still i would like to share this beautiful video with you all.

Here is a video on making of awesome looking Tulip flowers.

I hope you all will like this. Anyone who does tries out this flower can share your work with me. I would like to see those flowers.

Here is the video for
Making Origami Tulip flowers.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Making Ceramic Flowers Photo Frame

Hi friends, I hope you are all not bored of reading my Ceramic posts on daily basis. Anyways here is one more of my work with Ceramic material.

This time the materials and method are all the same itself. The only difference is its made on a photo frame.

Yes a nice little photo frame for anyone you would like to gift.
This was a plane wooden photo frame beautifully decorated with ceramic made Casa Lilly flowers and some uncut stones.

The procedure to make ceramic dough viewed here Making Ceramic Mural Art - African Mask.

This dough can be kept for long time if its maintained properly by binding it in wet cloth.

So here is the photo frame made by me. This was a gift again.

So friends how is the work? Ceramic work is always something new when its done on new materials. :)

This is Casa Lilly flowers made of Ceramic dough. Was i quite simple work but looked very elegant.



Frame arranged with flowers and uncut stones.


Here is the completed work. :) How does this frame look now, from a plane wooden frame to a attractive decorated frame.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ceramic Mural Art on wall

I'm very happy to see such good response for my Mural work.

This was my first big project that too something different on what i was doing these days. Thanks to all of you who appreciated my work and a special thanks to my brother and sister who loved my work and supported me to do more of such work.

I would like to share some more pictures of my Mural work finally hung on the wall.

It looks absolutely great on the wall.

Thanks a ton to my brother and sister who appreciated my work and very happy to know they liked it.

They have send me some pictures of my Mural work hanging on their wall

Click here to see my work on Making Ceramic Mural Art - African Mask

So happy to see this.



Thanks to everyone. :)


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Making Ceramic Mural Art - African Mask

Hello everyone, as i promised I'm here back with the Ceramic Mural work.
I'm so happy that i completed my work and this was a gift to my sister. She is very much happy with my gift.

This work took almost 2 months to complete because of lot of delays and all. Anyways i felt very happy to see the completed work.

I would also be happy to share my Ceramic work with you all. This is a kind of an African art form with African masks and the real effect textures and all.

I hope you all will enjoy this work a lot.

So lets start with the tutorials. I hope you all wont be bored with the tutorials as its a too long one.

Materials used:

1. Whitening powder
2. DINK adhesive
3. Fevicol (White Glue)

If you have referred to my post on How to do Ceramic work on Cup?you might come to know what is DINK and the procedure to make it. But still i will let you know what DINK is all about.

DINK is edible gum crystals are available in small pieces especially meant for eating after being cooked. Brownish variety DINK is basically used for adhesive purpose.

You need to get 1kg of DINK grind it properly and make fine powder out of it. Now soak the powder in water. The water level and DINK powder level should be same, check out the next day and you can find it sticky and highly adhesive.

This was all he making of Ceramic dough.

Now to start with the actual making of Mural base. The Ceramic Mural base is made of plywood. I have used a reference for making the base. Using the base some cutout were made for the shapes and the same were cut on plywood.

Now arrange all those plywood pieces using hammer and nail. Yes some bit of Carpenter work too. :)

After you finish doing the base for plywood. Take Ceramic dough in required quantity and make it flat round any shape and plly it on the plywood shaped pieces.

Make sure you remove the excess quantity the comes out of the plywood pieces and the dough should be pasted on the all the pieces, or as you wish on some pieces.
On rest of the plywood pieces we can do some cone work as i did in some of the shapes.

Now I have the completed work. I can explain you what I did to get these effects. The colours are black, copper and golden colour effects.

Here i used some coloured stones on the middle big piece. The texture for four stick pieces on back side of Sun is some used doing old pen and toothpicks and just small quantity of ceramic pieces on the stick the and toothpicks.


Here the mask is made using a mask mould and some hand detailing too done to it.


One more mask using mould. This was the smallest mask i made for this mural.


Here the impressions are used with the help of some local tools. Let me tell you i used here is all kind of refills. Yes pen refills and unused pen. Bottom of some refills looks like a flower shape those are some of the impressions.


Here the complete work is cone work on all pieces. One piece is complete shells. with some gold powder effect. And rest all are tools and cone work.

Here the impressions are using knife. When the ceramic is not completely wet and not dry too. You need to give all possible impressions. If you want you can also use comb as one of the tool.. For that you need to use wet ceramic. It should not be a complete dough, should be a bit loose.


Here is a complete cone work with mask effect.


These all make my completed Ceramic mural with all those African mask art on it.


Note: The dough you make can be used for at least six months if you use it properly. Make sure you don't keep it open at all. It should be kept in wet cloth in an Air tight container. This will make your dough last for long.

I hope every one got an idea of making ceramic mural work. You can mail me if you find any difficulty.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Going lazy...!!!

Hi everyone..!! You all might be wondering why am i not doing any posts regularly as i used to. Its just because i'm stressed out with lot of work. I got some murals , ceramic work and some good nib painting work to be completed. I'm not getting time as i got lot and lots of work at office, by the time i reach home i'm tired and not able to complete things as i could.

Anyways i promise you all i'll b coming back with all my new and exciting work with interesting tutorials. May be i can finish my Ceramic Mural work soon and can share those with you all.

So till then keep reading my blog and try out things that you can learn and do it of your own. If you would like can share your work with me too.

Till then.. Happy Blogging...!!!