Sunday, 31 May 2009

Glass painting designs and patterns

I am very happy to see there are lot of people appreciating my glass painting work asking me for more of glass painting designs.

As there were lot of mails in my inbox asking for designs i have forwarded lot of common designs to everyone.

So here i have some more designs which i liked the most i would like to share these designs patterns with you all.

So friends enjoy these new designs and if you need more designs please do feel free to mail me at Will be sending you more interesting patterns.





Thursday, 28 May 2009

Making stocking cloth butterflies pattern

Hi friends, back with a new butterfly. I hope you all got it. My earlier post got a little butterfly with yellow wings, that was my first try in making a stocking butterfly which came out good but was not that neat and perfect as it need to be.

So here is my second try on making a stocking butterfly which was actually a perfect one and a neat one compared to the first, so i am much more happy in making this cute little white butterfly.

So here is my new butterfly with small little round wings and cute little orange body with aluminium wire antenna fixed to it.

You can fix this anywhere on your room or make cards or to gift boxs or anything.
How is my new butterfly? Do comment friends.


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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

How to make stocking butterflies

Friends here I'm back with a new post and that too not about quilling craft, this is stocking craft. I have earlier done a post on stocking flower Flower Making - Colourful Stocking flowers, you can check to know the making of stockings.

In my post Flower Making - Colourful Stocking flowers you can learn the proper technique and also the instructions will be much easier for you all to try out new techniques in stocking craft.

So here is tried out making a stocking butterfly. As this was my first try in making butterfly I'm very much happy with the results. You need to use the same technique as of stocking flowers. Aluminium wire needs to be turned into butterflies wings shape as needed.

I'll be posting more butterflies of different varieties and will be sharing with you all. I hope you all will like this one, awaiting your valuable comments and suggestions.

This is my stocking butterfly. How is it ?



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Monday, 18 May 2009

How to make Kusudama Flower ball

Kusudama paper flower is an ancient old Japanese craft. These are Origami paper shapes glued together. These are basically used for decorations.

I have here made this kusudama ball as good decorative piece. Here i explained step by step method for kususdama flower making. I hope you all will enjoy this new technique.

Materials required:
1. Origami paper (any colour)
2. Glue


1. First of all you need to cut around 60 square pieces each of 7cm x7cm.

2. Here is the first step after you cut the first square piece. Fold the bottom corner to the top. You will get a triangle shape by this.


3. Fold the left and right corners up to the middle corner and make a square shape.



4. Fold the same points down. Do the same folding to both sides.



5. Open up the flaps and flatten them. Flatten both the sides equally.


6. Fold the top triangles towards you so they are level with the edges of the paper.


7. Fold the triangles back using the crease you made earlier and glue the outside triangles together ans you will again get a square shape.


8. Now fold the two together and glue it.


Similarly make 5 petals for one flowers. Glue all together and make a flower. Similarly make 12 such flowers.

Now glue each flowers one by one to the petal and make half circle. This way you will make 2 half balls.

Here is the way to make Kusudama ball.




Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Quilling pattern - Husking earrings design

Today i am back with a new technique on quilling. I'm here with husking pattern on quilling.

Huskings are made by winding paper around a pattern of straight pins. I have some the pattern of husking and step by step method on how to make husking.
I hope you all will enjoy the new technique.

Basic steps for husking.

1. Get a trace paper where you can make the dotted points. See the picture below.


2. Place pins on each holes as shown.


3. Using a length of paper, gently crease one end and “hook” it around the pin numbered 1.
Bring paper up and wind around pin number 2 and then back down to pin number 1. Glue where the paper overlaps at pin number 1.


5. Bring paper up and wind around pin number 3 and then back down to pin number 1. Glue where the paper overlaps at pin number 1.


6. Bring paper up and wind around pin number 4 and then back down to pin number 1.


7. Bring paper up and wind around pin number 4 and then back down to pin number 1.


8. In the same way continue to wind up and bring back to pin number 1 from pin 6 and pin 7. It should look this way.


9. After you finish this roll the strip starting from pin number 1 roll on each points and bring back to pin number 1.

In this way you will get the completed husking pattern.


Now you can decorate any thing with this patter or make greeting cards or some cool earrings just like the one i made.


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Friday, 8 May 2009

My craft quilling blog gets 100k visitors

Today I'm writing this blog to thank you all. Each and everyone who supported me till now and i reached 100 thousand visitors today.

The very first person whom i would like to thank is Ratish Naroor, one of my strong pillar who helped me create this blog and corrected me in each and every side of my work with lot of suggestions and great support. You can view his website here

So i would like to take this opportunity to thank Ratish Naroor and each and every visitor who supported me and encouraged me to do more of creative work each day.

Yes, I have completed 100 thousand visitors yesterday just in some few months. I started my blog by the end of August and just before i completed 1 year of blogging i got 100 thousand visitors and that's truly an achievement for me.

And all credit for this goes to everyone who reads my blog, regular visitors of my blog and to my followers. I am very happy to know that everyone is enjoying my work and i hope this support continues till the end..

So friends keep reading my blog and keep on supporting me as you always did.



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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Making 3D paper quilling pattern

So more on quilling and More new and tough work on quilling. Yes if everyone is ready to learn the next level in quilling here is the 3D quilled pattern for you all.

Will share the measurements with you.
1. Body : take 10mm 5 full strips and make a tight circle out of it. After making tight circle push the circle outside to make it into cone shape.

2. Hands and Legs : Take 10mm 2 strips and make a tight circle out of it. After making tight circle push the circle outside to make it into cone shape.

3. Cap : Take 10mm two coloured strip and quill it together to make a tight circle. After making tight circle push the circle outside to make it into cone shape.

4. Head : Take 3mm 4 strips and make tight circles in the similar way make one more of the same measurement. After the tight circle push it to the outer portion slightly as grape roll and stick both sides together to make head.

5. Hairs : Take 10mm 10 strips of 1 1/2cm each and fringe it in lengthwise and curl it slightly. Stick one end of the hair to the cap from inside. Now stick the cap to the head properly.

6. Fringed Flowers : Make 3 fringed flowers to stick to the body and 1 at the tip of the body.

7. Shoes : Make eccentric circles for shoes ans tick it to the legs cone.

8. Fingers : Draw fingers on a piece of paper and cut it out, then stick it to the hands.

By making these parts of body looking at the pics you will come to know how to arrange those parts.

Here is the one i made.


My completed joker.


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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Make Quilled eccentric circles design

As in the previous post I have asked to make total of 36 eccentric circles shapes. That includes 30pcs 1/2 strip eccentric circles and 6pcs 1/3 strip circles.

Eccentric circles should be done in one colour any dark or light colour and tight circles in another colour. So I made eccentric designs in RED and tight circles in WHITE.

If everyone is done with these, now make the following shapes :
1. 12pcs teardrop shapes of 1/2 strip eccentric shapes.
2. 12pcs half circles or marquises shape of 1/2 strip eccentric circles.
3. 6pcs eccentric circles of 1/2 strip as it is (no other shapes).
4. 6pcs eccentric circles of 1/3 strip eccentric as it is.
5. 1 full strip tight circles (white or any light colour).
6. 30 tight circles of 1/4" each.

If you are ready with these shapes here is the arrangement for you. You can refer to this picture to know the arrangement.


The completed one. Do comment me if you liked my work.


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