Friday, 17 April 2009

Quilling paper floral bouquet

Paper bouquet are as usual a beautiful craft. So here comes bouquet of paper quilling flowers.

To make these design all u need is good imagination and creativity. If you are creative enough you can make the same flowers and leaves and arrange it in a different way, may be a more beautiful way.

I will share with you the making of flowers:

Teardrop flowers (make 3): Take 2" dark colour strips and stick together 5 teardrop to make a flower.

Bunny ear flowers (make 2):Take 2" light colour strips and stick together 4 bunny ear shapes to make a flower.

Same way add some more bunny ear petals to the stems of paper strips and give a different look to the design.

I'll be surly trying out arranging the same flowers and leaves in a different way i hope even you all will try out.

Here is the one floral bouquet made by me.


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Blogger dharshini said...

nice one :)

17 April 2009 at 23:29  
Blogger Reshmi Nair said...

Thanx a lot Dharshini :)

18 April 2009 at 08:27  
Blogger Jaya said...

Good Work

20 February 2010 at 07:35  

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