Thursday, 16 April 2009

Quilling paper animals pattern

Back again with some more different designs. I guess you all might be bored seeing the same floral designs everyday.

So thought of having a change today and would like to share a pair of Bunny with you all. If you are a regular visitor you might have seen my post Quilling craft designs- Bunny with Flowers where i have made bunny smelling flowers.

So this time the method to make bunny is the same, the difference is just that you need to make 2 bunnies and just one flower and some grass to add the natural effect for the playing little bunnies.

Making this pattern was the easiest of all i can say. If you notice you can see i have made the whole design just using teardrop shapes and hardly some tight circles only when needed. But the design is basically focused on teardrop shape.

So friends i hope you all will like it. Awaiting your comments:)


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Anonymous danny said...

that's so cute!!!

29 June 2010 at 06:54  
Anonymous jazzy said...

so sweet

18 March 2012 at 07:55  

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