Sunday, 19 April 2009

How to make quilled flower

Some more on flowers pattern. Very simple flowers simple design and easy to make cards.

If you know how to quill you can do anything out of quilling. With the help of these simple steps create beautiful cards and gift it to your dear ones. I'm sure they will love this beautiful art and love your gift too.

Making cards with quilling design is quite easy. Get greeeting card paper of whatever size you want and make mind blowing designs on it.

Here is a simple greeting card you can give it to anyone for any occassion..

How to make: Teardrop flowers: Make 5 teardrop of 2" each and stick together to make teardrop flower out of it. For teardrop bud make 3 teardrop shapes and stick it together.

Add stems and tight circles to the flower to complete the design. Simple greeting card, isn't it ?

Yes it is too simple. The mmost simple design in quilling i have ever makde. But still the beautiful one i can say.

So friends do try out this card and i hope you all will like it for sure.


The completed card with framed effect.


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Anonymous madhavi said...

beautiful and creative as ever....

20 April 2009 at 02:09  
Anonymous Gayatri said...

very beautiful variety of quilling flowers.
how u do that? first time, I seen this type of paper art.

I'm regular visitor to ur blog..ur art is very neat and u explain it in very simple manner...

keep up the gud work :)

29 October 2009 at 00:28  

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