Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Quilling Craft - Grape Roll Flowers designs

Some new shapes on Quilling craft, this shape is called Grape roll, it similar to bell shape.

Materials required:

1. Quilling strip (any colour and quilling strip length as required)
2. Quilling needle
3. Glue

How to make:
1. To make the desired Grape roll shape take the quilling strip and begin rolling it, keeping the paper tight and even and glue the end edge.

2. Now gently push the center of the coil outward. To push it to the outward direction you can use your finger, pencil, or anything can can gently push to the outer direction.

3. Be careful to push it very slowly and gently so that you don't lose the shape.

In this make make as much shape you can and arrange it accordingly.

For the one i made follow the instructions below:

1. Grape roll flower: Glue together 2" length of narrow width yellow paper and 6" length of narrow width lavender paper. Roll the grape roll beginning with yellow paper and continue rolling the lavender paper.

2. Add stems using narrow width green paper. Make slender, grass like leaves by cutting points on one end.

3. Making Bee: Roll a black 4" tight circle for the head and a black 4" teardrop for the body. Glue these 2 shapes together.

4. Now roll 2 off white or gold colour 4" teardrop for the wings. Glue them to the bee at an angle sowing as wings.

Now assemble the designs as required. You can see the basic grape roll shape here.


The properly assembled design.


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