Friday, 27 February 2009

Quilling patterns - Fringed Flower Design

Some bunch of Fringed flower quilling craft is back again. This craft is a blend of beautiful and attractive colour papers.

Here i have done a fringed flower craft using two different colours.

For this you have to use two different contrast colours, for eg: purple and pink, red and yellow.

Here I'll explain you the making of this flower, as i said the two colour combination is your choice and can make more beautiful flowers.

How to make these bunch of fringed flowers:

1. Fringed Flower: Make 2 fringed flowers using 3 1/2" lengths of 3/8" width purple paper, 2 fringed flowers using 3 1/2" lengths of 3/8" width deep aqua paper, and 1 fringed flower using a 3 1/2" length of 3/8" aqua paper. make 2 fringed flowers using 3" lengths of 1/4th width pink and 1 fringed flower using a 3" length of 1/4" width purple paper.

2. Assemble the design in the following pattern. Add stems and scrolls using various lengths of green paper.


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Sad demise to my Glass painting

Hi Friends, this is a sad news sharing with you all, my glass painting is no more now. So, I thought of informing you all about the sad demise that happened yesterday.

My glass painting was given to make it more attractive by framing, but after that it didn't come back to me as its broken.

So very sadly sharing with you all.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Glass Painting - Colourful basket of Flowers

Thanks a lot to all my visitors for appreciating my Glass painting work.

Today i have done one more Glass painting work after so long. You can learn the technique of glass painting from my earlier post Glass painting - Colourful Russian Flower.
Here i can describe you all more in details with step by step picture.

How to make Glass painting:

1. Tracing down the design on plain glass.


2. Design is traced using Black liner tube. Here is the completed design.


3. Now apply Glass colours on the designs.


4. Same painting on a different background.


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Friday, 20 February 2009

Quilling craft - Floral Garden

Making Quilling craft has just become easier for me day by day and i am gonna try lot more things and will be sharing lots of new work.

Here i made a garden of flowers using some bright colours.


1. Quilling Strips (colours as required)
2. Quilling Needle
3. Glue

How to make:

1. Teardrop Flower: Glue together 3 orange 2" teardrops for petals and add a brown 2' tight circle for the flower's center.

2. Bunny ear flower: Glue together 4 purple 2" bunny ears for the petals and add a yellow 2" tight circle for flower's center. The stems are short lengths of green paper. Add 2" green 1" loose scrolls.

3. Leaves: Roll 3 meadow green 4" marquises for leaves.


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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Quilling Craft - Grape Roll Flowers designs

Some new shapes on Quilling craft, this shape is called Grape roll, it similar to bell shape.

Materials required:

1. Quilling strip (any colour and quilling strip length as required)
2. Quilling needle
3. Glue

How to make:
1. To make the desired Grape roll shape take the quilling strip and begin rolling it, keeping the paper tight and even and glue the end edge.

2. Now gently push the center of the coil outward. To push it to the outward direction you can use your finger, pencil, or anything can can gently push to the outer direction.

3. Be careful to push it very slowly and gently so that you don't lose the shape.

In this make make as much shape you can and arrange it accordingly.

For the one i made follow the instructions below:

1. Grape roll flower: Glue together 2" length of narrow width yellow paper and 6" length of narrow width lavender paper. Roll the grape roll beginning with yellow paper and continue rolling the lavender paper.

2. Add stems using narrow width green paper. Make slender, grass like leaves by cutting points on one end.

3. Making Bee: Roll a black 4" tight circle for the head and a black 4" teardrop for the body. Glue these 2 shapes together.

4. Now roll 2 off white or gold colour 4" teardrop for the wings. Glue them to the bee at an angle sowing as wings.

Now assemble the designs as required. You can see the basic grape roll shape here.


The properly assembled design.


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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Quilling Craft - Happy Birthday Balloons

Some more interesting things on Quilling. How about someones birthday ans you would like to gift them something different, so here is a different greeting card, some colourful balloons.

This is the most simple in quilling technique

Just u need is a strip and quill it and get a loose circle. Make a teardrop of the loose circle i.e. just pinch the circle to one end and make a balloon shape.

Enjoy gifting these wonderful greeting cards to your friends or kids.

Here is the one made by me.


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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Quilling Craft - Fringed Golden Sunflower

Quilling craft is really a wonderful craft which i have ever been doing and i have gained a lot of interest in it.

Here is a beautiful fringed yellow sunflower i have made these fringes make the flower look more beautiful.

Materials :

1. Yellow strips
2. Green strips

How to make:

1. Fringed flowers: Make 3 fringed flowers of 3" length of 3/8" width gold trim. Glue 3" length of 1/8" width brown paper to the fringed paper and roll into a fringed flower beginning with the brown paper.

2. Greenery: Roll 7 green 3" marquises (shape of the leaves) leaves.

3. Buds: Cut 9 triangles from the width of gold trim of about 3" length. Roll each on the tool beginning with the wide end of the triangle, and glue the end. Glue these in groups of three to short lengths of narrow width green paper.

Arrange the flowers, the leaves and buds as shown in the picture.

In this way one more beautiful fringed sunflower is ready.


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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Valentines Day Gifts - Flower Bouquets

14th February has been known as Valentine's Day. This is the perfect occasion for romantic proposals and dating. On this day, gift your sweetheart with flowers, soft toys, candles, diamonds, chocolates, gift baskets, perfume, books, watches, jewellery and others. Shower love and enjoy the day with your beloved.

Flowers are always a common gift as the beautiful colour of flowers make every heart eager to say it loud, 'I Love You'. So let your loved one say this everyday as you can gift him / her flowers that wont ever fade its beauty. Yes, you heard it right these are duplex paper flowers that you can turn it into a beautiful handmade bouquet.

Method to make these Cosmos flowers:

1. Take some cotton to add for the bud cover the cotton using any dark colour duplex paper.

2. Add pips / pollen surrounding the small bud and tie it tightly. See the pic below you will come to know how the pips / pollens are arranged around the buds and attach aluminium wire to it.


3. Now take a square piece of duplex paper fold it into four parts cut the ends giving a round shape and pass the aluminium wire through the center of the round duplex paper.

4. Twist the paper slowly to give wrinkled effect to the flower.

5. In the same way make as much flowers you want and arrange a proper bouquet with some dried leaves and all that are easily available.

These flower bouquet can be gifted for any occasion. I have personally made this bouquet for my friends birthday. I hope she will like it a lot.

Here is the beautiful flower bouquet ready to gift to you dear ones.



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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Quillied Greeting Card - Fringed Flower Heart

I hope everyone liked the necklace for Valentines day. There are lots of gifts that you can make gift your loved one choice is yours.

There is a common choice that every one prefers to give, i.e. a beautiful Valentine greeting card. So girls get ready to learn this beautiful heart shaped greeting card and gift it to your special someone.

Here is the method to make this card:

1. Take Quilling strip of the 1/4" width paper with the length of 3" and fringe them very finely.

2. Arrange these fringed flowers on the gift tag in a heart shape.

3. Make around 12 green loose scrolls and leaves and add to the heart shape.

Note: Fringe means to cut one end of the paper very finely, if you make the fringe think the beauty of the flowers wont be there. So try cutting the strips finely. Look at the picture you will come to know.

So here is the beautiful fringed flower heart ready for Valentines Day.

Hope you all like this new technique.



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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Quillied Necklace - Valentines Day Gift

Friends Valentines day is nearing and everyone will be busy busying something or the other for your loved ones. Valentines Day is a day to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love.

So are ready to share the spirit of Love. Here with my Quilling skills i made a beautiful pendant for this special occasion. If any one would like to gift their loved ones this beautiful necklace you can, as this is the most simple and elegant gift. Handmade gifts are always precious so, i tried out Quilling on accessories and made this necklace.

I promise to come out with more exciting cards and accessories for Valentines day.

How is this Necklace for your Valentine?


Pendant of the necklace.


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