Saturday, 15 November 2008

Bull Wire - Mobile cover

Normally looking at this you would think this is made of macrome thread or crochet thread. This is a different thread much thicker, this is as thick as a sack rope but you can make all different kinds of bags, batwas and mobile cover or anything you like to create and this thread is Bull Wire Thread.


1. Bull wire thread (300gms approx)

Its always good to have coaching for this as its a bit difficult. You need to have a long thread cut into 20 pieces and then hang them into a rod which is placed on a max height just as the length of the wire.

You need to hang those wires and on the rod and tie them one by one into a design as per the required height and width.

It looks really beautiful and you can make lot of different varieties of bags and all.

Here is one I made.


Its easy to use and looks really good.



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Anonymous iaminchennai said...

Thats was great....
is the bull wire made of Nylon/rayon... will it melt near a candle..
I have seen people make some really cool stuff with macrame including jewellery..

18 November 2008 at 16:02  

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