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Duplex Paper flowers - Camellia Flowers

Camellia flowers the most beautiful among orchid flowers. There are different types of Camellia flowers, so here I'll show you one such kind.

*Note: The petals and leaves diagrams have to be cut along vertical lines of duplex paper.

1. Duplex Paper (Red, White and Green)
2. Green tape
3. Aluminium wire
4. Thread
5. Cotton fibre
6. Mustard Dal (Rai Dal)
7. Fevicol

How to make:

1. Cut a rectangle piece of white duplex paper and give uniform cuts to the paper by leaving 1cm each from top and bottom.

2. Take aluminium wire and surround it with cotton fibre on top and tie it with thread.

3. Stick the white duplex paper around the cotton and now stick the upper ends of the white piece together.

4. Now stick some mustard dal (rai dal) on the centre of white piece (on the tips).

5.Now make the petal in the shape as shown in the picture. For making one single petal you need to cut two petals of same shape and size.


6. For the first petal cut two pieces of red duplex paper as shown in the figure and place the wire in the middle of the first petal. Apply fevicol and place the other piece on it. The first petal is ready.

7. In the same way make five more petals. After you make it twist the petal and reopen to get wrinkles on the petal.

8. Arrange three petals uniformly around the flower centre.

9. Now arrange two more petals in such a manner, so that one petal stands in between the previous two.

10. Now cut green duplex paper in the shape of a leaf. For leaf follow the same procedure as petal.

In the same manner make as many leafs and flowers you want and arrange it accordingly.

Here is the one I made.

Duplex flowers-Camelia Flowers

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Hi There,

Love the flowers you have made.I have been searching for Duplex paper everywhere.Can you tell me where I can get it in India?

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