Monday, 29 September 2008

Duplex paper flowers - Anemone Flowers

Anemone Flowers, the name means Wind Flower. This is really a beautiful flower. You might have noticed I make most of the flowers using Duplex Paper, this is just because the paper colours are just fresh than crape paper and this paper is much thicker than crape which can be easily taken in to any shape.

So lets start with Anemone Flowers.

1. Duplex Paper (Any colours)
2. Aluminium wire
3. Black Pollens
4. Green Crape paper
5. Green tape
6. White thread
7. Cotton fibre
8. Fevicol

How to make Anemone Flowers:

1. Firstly there are two shapes of petal to be made for this flower. Make the first petal "Petal A" as shown.


and make one more petal say "Petal B" as shown.


2. Now stick take "Petal A" and apply fevicol all over the petal place a piece of aluminium wire over the petal and stick the other petal over it the same petal A.

*Petals are to be made in the same way as I made other duplex paper flower petals*

2. Now twist the petal and make similarly 6 more petals according to Petal A and Petal B.

3. Take a piece of aluminium wire cover it with some cotton fibre and make a global structure.

4. Cut a round piece of green crape paper and cover the cotton with the green piece and tie the bottom with thread.

5. Take around 25-30 pollens and arrange these around the green globular structure in a proper circular way and tie it tightly with thread.

6. Take 3 petals of "Petal A" and arrange it properly and again take the remaining three petals and arrange it in between each of these petals.

7. Now take "Petals B" and arrange it in the same way as "Petal A" was arranged.

8. Now arrange after making the proper arrangement you can get a really beautiful Anemone Flower and now cover the remaining aluminium wire using green tape.

9. Arrange it in a beautiful basket.

This flower is a bit time consuming but results come out really good.

Here is one for you.

Making Anemone Flowers

Anemone Flowers

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