Monday, 1 September 2008

Crape Paper Flower - The Sunflower

As the earlier one we are going to make Sunflower with crape paper. Try it out its amazing.

1. Yellow Crape paper
2. Green Crape paper
3. Green Tape
4. Aluminium wire

How to make:

1. Cut yellow crape paper lengthwise and cut the edges as shown below.


2. Insert the aluminium wire inside the crape paper as shown.


3. Then spread the crape paper, so that it looks like flower.

4. In the same way you can attach 2-3 more crape paper so that the flower looks more lively.

5. Now cover the aluminium wire using green tape and make leaves out of green crape paper and attach together.

In the same way make as much flowers you want and can make a bunch of flowers.

Here is a beautiful Sunflower.

Crape Paper craft-The Sunflower


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Anonymous madhavi said...

Cute Sunflower :) Keep the great work. Looking forward to learn something from ur blog.

3 September 2008 at 09:17  

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