Monday, 18 August 2008

Zardosi Work - The Dancing Peacock

The Mughal Era in India brought richness to textiles and costumes by doing the Ari work or Zardosi work. Satin is known as Zardosi. Zardosi work is done by laying the color threads mostly gold threads over the material and giving a rich feel to Sarees and dresses.

They are always seen with a chain stitch , which is easily done with a zardosi needle and golden or silver colored threads.

This is all about Zardosi work on Sarees and Dresses, but today we will learn how to make a wall hangining out of Zardosi Materials.

Materials :
1. Felt Cloth
2. Design you wish to make
3. Trace Paper
4. Fevicol
5. Sequens and beads required for the design
6. Trace Paper
7. Hard board

How to start work:
1. Fisrtly trace the design on the felt cloth and apply fevicol on the outlines of the design.

2 Now paste the required sequences threads and beads whatever materials required for the design on the fevicol and a beautiful Zardosi Work is ready to frame.

You can add more of beads and threads to make the design bright and colourful.

Here is a dancing peacock made of Zardosi Work.

Zardosi Work-The Dancing Peacock


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Blogger sandhya said...

this looks beautiful reshmi. i am planning to do this but know if i will be able to find the materials here in US. Do you have this design with u?

4 May 2009 at 07:04  
Blogger thinktank said...

Hi Reshmi,

Lovely work.. very neat..
I have a problem with zardosi thread. Please help me.

I bought a Zardosi work set in a craft shop(includes the spring like thread, glue, the pattern and colors). But I find it very difficult to stick the thread on the given outline. Is it we need to break the threads into very smaller pieces and stick them or you need to twist and turn the thread according to your design.

Thanks in advance.

18 June 2010 at 01:59  

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