Sunday, 31 August 2008

Matte Craft - Bag & Basket

This is very interesting craft that anyone can try out and it hardly takes some time to complete. By completing this craft you can make any

1. Matte Sheet (you'll come to know how the matte material is by seeing the picture below).
2. Pieces of thermocol
3. Satin ribbon
4. Fevicol

This is the Matte material.


1. Take a piece of matte according to what you want to make. Suppose you are going to make a basket cut the required matte in proper height and width.

2. Cut thermocol according to the required size. Thermocol is used for the base of as us need to cut that in round shape if preparing for basket.

3. Then paste one end of the matte on the thermocol and press it slightly.

4. With the help of satin ribbon decorate it as required.

Its a very easy and interesting craft that anyone can make.

You can make lot of different things with the matte. For eg: Flower Basket, Bag, Pen Stand, Jewellery Box, Mobile Cover etc.

So try out all different varieties of things you think you can make with this matte.

Here is one that I tried out

Matte Craft-Bag & Basket


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