Sunday, 31 August 2008

Duplex Paper Flower - Lilly Flowers

Lilly Flowers using Duplex paper. This duplex paper looks same as Crape paper, but duplex is much thick as compared to crape. Duplex paper got two sides with two different colours. So you can use either of the sides in anyways as per the colour requirement. Now will start with the making of Lilly Flowers.

1. Duplex paper (any 2 colours)
2. Aluminium wire
3. Fevicol
4. Green Tape
5. Green Duplex paper (for leaves)

How to make it:
1. Firstly you have to make petals for flowers (5 petals for each flower). You have to cut the first petal in leaf shape and second petal smaller than the first (1 cm smaller to the bigger petal).

2. Suppose bigger petal is "Petal A" and smaller one is "Petal B". Now place the aluminium wire on "Petal A" as shown.


3. Apply fevicol over "Petal B" ans place it on "Petal A". Make sure the aluminium wire is placed properly as shown.


4. Your first petal is ready. Similarly make 5 petals of same size and shape, so that the flowers look even in shape.

5. Now arrange the petals one after the other and arrange then like flowers with the help of the left out aluminium wire.(No need of thread or glue).

6. Cover the wire with green tape.

7. Make flowers with green duplex paper in the same way as petals. Green Duplex paper got 2 sides dark green and light green side, so a you can arrange the leafs in the same way.

Here is a beautiful basket of Lilly Flowers ready.

Duplex Paper-Lilly Flowers


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Blogger varsha said...

This work is really awesome... All your works are simply great, especially i loved this work so much...

In simple terms i have become an ardent admirer of all your works...

19 April 2009 at 04:11  
Blogger wintam said...

It's my first visit here - and this tutorial is great! thanks so much!

3 February 2010 at 23:58  
Blogger ishika said...

it is awesome

19 February 2010 at 06:21  
Blogger ArtRock said...

And now an invitation: come and see my blog, for see my work. If you do it, tell me your opinion about it, 'cause I think, that's so much important to know!

Continue doing your fantastic work, please!


Telma Henriques

18 August 2010 at 06:46  

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