Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ceramic Name Board design Ceramic

Ceramic Name Boad design Ceramic
New one added to my bucket. A little Ceramic Name Board on my door.

The method and procedure goes the same way as all my ceramic projects.

 Materials used:
1. Plywood (Any shape, size, design)
2. Whitening powder
3. Fevocil
4. Acrylic Colours

How to make the Ceramic paste:
Firstly take some amount of Whitening powder and add Fevicol to it Mix it well, it should not be a dough, should have loose consistency like a Cream or lotion. Apply it directly on the plywood and allow it to dry, once done you can add your magic to it by adding colours and more designs. Here I add some of my fav pics of my Name Board. I love too see it on my door. Comments please :)


Closer view on the Button work Name-Board-Button-Work

Closer view on the stone work Name-Board-Stone-work
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pot-painting-Ceramic flowers on pot

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Thank you for sharing this information and Very good looking blog.
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very good idea

28 January 2014 at 02:51  

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