Saturday, 10 December 2011

Announcing craft classes and Craft orders

Art and Craft Hobby classes

Friends, I'm pleased to announce you all that I would be conducting classes for drawing and craft and would also be accepting orders for painting and craft.

Anyone who would be interested to join classes or for orders please contact me on
+91 9833246787
You can even mail me to


Thursday, 1 December 2011

Quilled Teddy Bear and colourful flowers

Friends...!!! As promised to you all here comes my favourite quilling craft with a cool waving Teddy and colourful garden of flowers.

This took me two months to complete. To complete the Teddy it took almost 250 fringed flowers, the wall was made of 120 quilled bricks and then goes the beautiful flowers to complete the garden. Those are just some random mixture of quilled and fringed flowers and a husking Sunflower to complete the garden.

Firstly the wall was made, then the gate for the Teddy to peep, arranged flowers in a way to make the garden look colourful and filled, then the brown fringed Waving Teddy to complete the frame.

I used 10mm strips for the teddy as we need to do fringed flowers for it, the walls and flowers were 5mm strips.

So, now you all can have a look at the completed Quilled Teddy Bear Frame.

Completed Teddy Quilled Frame


Teddy bear made of fringed flowers