Sunday, 27 November 2011

New works coming up...!!!!

Got up in the morning suddenly and thought of blogging, that definitely meant i was sleeping these months. Yes friends...!!! I'm back from the loooong vacation. Its not that i have stopped doing crafts, its just that less of time, more of laziness and loosing of my Camera made me crazy and forget my beautiful little blog and my great fans.

I'm would like to thank those who still visit my blog regularly even if there are no updates.

People are behind me for some glass painting designs and apart from that there lot of them screaming, shouting and abusing me for not sharing GLASS PAINTING DESIGNS with all. Just would like to suggest you all if you browse through internet you can get thousands of free sites providing designs. FYI to all i would be sharing some great sites where you can get some really good designs.

I have made some really good crafts these days, to begin with my favo Quilling craft, i made a Teddy bear frame, I made Wedding Tiara for my friend who will be getting married on 3rd of December, some beautiful tissue paper flowers.
On a big note i'll be going to start with Kerala Mural paintings also.

Will be sharing all my work soon, as i got a new camera now. Need all your support as earlier.

Here are some links i would like to share with you all for Glass painting

"Stained Glass Painting Designs".

"Glass Painting Designs".

"Glass Painting Floral patterns".

Will share some more that i have handy with me.