Sunday, 4 April 2010

How to do Rock painting?

Dear Friends, How are you all.. ??

Thank you all a lot for checking my blog regularly even if you didn't find any thing new in it.. Now today I'm back with new thing which i tried it for the first time, its rock painting.

Firstly thanks to "PRACHI" for giving me a chance to do something new. She got me a small rock to write her name on it and i turned out the stone to a different thing with her name on it. So, Prachi you can use it as a paper weight also as i know HEWITT does not have papers there, everything is system operated.. "HAHAHAHA"

So jokes apart, this was a very new thing tried out by me.

Materials used:

1) Rock (Any shape / size)
2) Fabric / Poster colours
3) Beads (optional)
4) Varnish

How to start with :

1) Choose any design you want to paint and do the magic with your brush

2) If you are not good with painting you can stick some charming beads to it.

3) Here I wrote a name to it and some simple florals added with beads to make it a bit more attractive, some sparkles also added.

Hope you all will try it out and will like this too :)

So, my dear friends, comments pleaseeee :)