Saturday, 26 December 2009

Recycle craft Bottle cap ceiling lamp

Friends, i was quite busy these days with new office atmosphere. Yes, i changed my job and now in this new company quite busy with training and work. Late to home so could not find time for any updates. Thought of wishing you all a "Merry Christmas" yesterday but, unfortunately my Internet connection got into some trouble and was not working.

Anyways promise you to keep on updating once in a week for sure. This time i tried out this wonderful recycle craft which i was planning to do long back. Now sharing with you all as soon as i found time and completed my work.

This is a ceiling lamp made of plastic bottle caps. I used almost 120-150 caps of Bisleri bottle to make this lamp.

All you need is a round piece of hard board nylon thread and some beads around 120- 150 as per your caps. Take the nylon thread as per the length and make holes on the caps and move cap and bead alternatively and now tie this on the hard board my making a hole on it.

So let me know how much did you all like this Recycled Ceiling Lamp made of bottle caps.


The lamp with colourful lights.





Thursday, 10 December 2009

How to make stocking Tulip flowers?

Sorry everyone for late updates again.

This time I'm here with stocking tulip flowers.
Firstly a big "THANKS" to the person who send me this video of making tulip flowers out of stocking material and here i tried my hands on it.

These tulips look extremely beautiful after making them as per instructions. Earlier i tried making tulips but not with the help of this video. may be coz for wrong way of making it looked like some other flower :)

So now with a proper making method I'm here to share this with you all.

Here is the video for you to make Tulip flowers.

Now tell me how is the one made by me.. :)
Comments please.


More closer view of colourful tulips.




Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Back after a long vacation...!!!!

I was on a long vacation this time. Was having fun in Kerala and Bangalore. This was after a long time i was going to my native place and was completely relaxed.
Sorry.. as i couldn't tell you all before leaving. I left to Kerala on 9th Nov and was back to Mumbai on 27th Nov.

This time i really enjoyed my vacation. All time roaming around with relatives and cousins.. Enjoyed the cool climate and was very relaxing. This time i got chance to see more places in Kerala as we did spend more time there.

I was in Blanglore for the first time and i just loved the city. Unfortunately, i couldn't spend much days there... Anyways better luck next time.

So, my vacations got over and now back to the busy schedule.

Now you will see some more new craft coming up..

Keep on reading trying out new things.