Saturday, 31 October 2009

Creative Crafter of the month Award

My friend and Co-blogger Kavitha has conducted a contest for which everyone supported me and voted me for the same.

I'm extremely thankful to all of you to vote for me. And friends your support did really work out. I did win the contest and i'm awarded with the "Creative Crafter of the month".

Thanks to all of you and CONGRATS.. !!!!! to Anuradha she was one of my personal favourite.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Reshmi On Art Facebook pages

Hi All ,

I am happy to announce my facebook fan page .. if you have a facebook account please join my fan club here .

Also send me a facebook friend request here

Reshmi Nair
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Saturday, 24 October 2009

How to make 3D Quilled Rose flowers

There was lot of things that i did in quilling, but never tries out a rose like flower. This time i tried out paper quilled Roses, I learnt this technique from the Quilling book i got recently.

Yes, the book helped me to learn new techniques in quilling. And here comes this beautiful quilled rose made by me.

I had seen lot of paper Quilled roses and used to wonder how can this be made. And see this i made it finally.

I had to try hard to make this. You just need is the quilling tool and 10mm quilling paper strip to make this beautiful 3D Quilled roses.

However, as i learnt from the book i wont be proper with explaining how to make as the quilled roses needs picture instructions.
So, here is a video for you to learn how to make Quilled paper roses.

Here is the video for you.

And friends here is the quilled bunch of roses made by me.
Let me know if you liked it. So, enjoy the video and try making these beautiful Quilled Roses.


A closer view of the Quilled little Roses.


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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Please vote for me

Hi friends, i have participated in a contest conducted by "Kavitha". of Kalalayaa Art club.

So, friends please vore for me if you like my work.

You can find the details here .

NOTE : When you reach the blog , There is a poll happening with the heading "CHOOSE YOUR FAVOURITE CONTESANT" . Please check my name and VOTE (only if you like my work :) )
Thank you so much.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Diwali Rangoli designs and patterns

Too much of Diya now. So a little bit of change in Diwali, here i'm with Rangoli patterns for Diwali.

Diwali festival of lights, we decorate our home with all possible things we can. So rangoli is also one of the major things that we look out for at the time of Diwali.

I'll have a fresh post on Rangoli tomorrow, but till then i hope you all will check out my old post on "Colourful Rangoli for Diwali".

So guys stay tuned will be back with some good Rangoli designs for sure.



Thursday, 15 October 2009

Quilled Diwali Diya patterns ideas

Friends, you might have seen all of my work on diya which is painted and decorated which lot of colours.

Today I'm bringing you a different diya decoration, yes a quilled diya with quilled Rose and some dried leaves decorated to it.

Yes this diya was a different one i did, i was planning to have Warli painting on this diya which changed my mind to do something different other than just painting on it, So here is my new quilled Diya which is I'm very sure quite different from all Diya.

You can all have a try on it. I'm sure you will enjoy doing this Quilled diya and i can bet anyone who see this different Diya would surely love it.

I hope you all will have try on it.

Here is my quilled Diya. Comments Please :)

Here is the quilled rose for diya decoration.


Here is the diya decorated with Quilled roses and dried leaves and some kundan stones to it.



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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Diwali Diya designs and patterns

It's Diwali time and you can see more of Diyas, Rangolis, Cards, Gifts and all.

I'm back with more of Diwali diya designs and patterns. This time i got lot of diya for decorating my place and I'm really happy doing this.

As always today also I'm back with a diya design for all of you. I hope you all will like all these patterns and designs.

Its not over I'll be back with a jumbo diya. :) Yes i have a diya of a bigger size than the normal one, will plan some good designs on it and will be back soon.

I hope you all like other posts on "Diya Decoration for Diwali". and my latest post "Diwali Diya ideas and patterns".

Till then enjoy this post and do let me know how is it?

Comments please :)



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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Designing Diwali Diya ideas patterns

As i promised i'm back today with more diya designs and patterns. I just loved doing these diyas.

I still have 2 more diyas left with me to decorate it. Till then as i told you all i'll be showing you all new diya designs.

You may still have a look at my post on diyas "Diya Decoration for Diwali"..

For any of the diyas i didnt use any mirrors or lace or any stones to it.. Its completely painted.

One more thing, you may have a doubt that the colour will go when we light Diya. Its obvious that you might see a slight change to the colour but it wont completely go off.

To fix the colour to diya and reuse it. You can apply varnish after to paint the diya so that the colour wont go and the Diya can be used in the same manner.

So friends enjoy this new post on Decorating diya. Will come up with more for Diwali.


A leaf shaped diya which is the most simple one among these decorated ones. I have just coloured it with green colour and a golden yellow ouline.


Have a complete look in all my new diyas.


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Monday, 12 October 2009

Making colourful Diwali Diya Designs

Hey friends, its Diwali time. I hope everyone is busy with cleaning and shopping and preparing some mouth watering dishes.

The same with me as i was busy making some beautiful looking diya for this Diwali.
I made this little two diyas this time.

I got some plain diya which is easily available in market and coloured it using acrylic colours and some tube colours.

The colour combination you use matters when you paint a diya. You can do anything to a plain diya. If you are not good with colours and painting then try out using some shells, mirrors, lace etc.

I'm sure everyone liked the diyas i made last year. Look out for my last year's work on Diya Decoration for Diwali.

Look at the one i made now.


One more of my little creation on decorating Diya.


Do comment on how did you like the diya ??

This is not over I'll be back with more decorated diyas tomorrow.

Till then Happy Blogging...!!!

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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Making quilled heart shaped flowers

After some long gap back with quilling techniques. I was just guessing you all will be bored of lot of quilling posts by me. There were days when i only used to post on quilling, so just had a change for sometime a long break was given to all quilling crafts.

Now after the break I'm back with this cute little simple quilled flowers. This is much simple heart shaped flowers. These flowers are just clubbed up together and made a bouquet not difficult to make but the outcome is really pretty.

Here i made just some heart shaped red flowers and then green stems attached to it.
and tied it to a small piece of paper strip.

Here is the one i made. Let me know how is it ?


The complete look of the Heart shaped flower bouquet.


Note :

I am really happy to announce that I am participating in a craft event conducted by kavitha of kalalaya craft blog . Find the details at