Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dandiya Stick Decoration

Friends after some more long break back with a little decoration technique. If you all remember i had a competition last year at the time of Navratri Festival, it was Matka Decoration competition at my office.

So, the same continues this time also, but to be different we had Dandiya Stick decoration competition for which i stood "Second" this time and was much happier with my Dandiya stick.

I was a bit late to upload this, but still now you can have a look at it.

We were asked to decorate the stick anyway and was supposed to make it as much as attractive as possible.

So, here comes my stick with lot of Kundan stones, Golden lace, mirror and some beads.

Here is the first portion covered with Bandhani cloth and Golden lace and Kundan stones and all those possible decoration items.


The second half part the basic handle part decorated with Golden lace.


And now here is the completed Dandiya Stick.

How is it ??


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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Making Duplex paper Lotus Flowers

Back again..!!! My search on Origami papers are still on. Actually people here doesn't even know what kind of papers they are. Anyways i got some information from Nithya about Origami papers now available in Mumbai. I'm surly gonna try getting those papers.

But after seeing a video on Origami paper Lotus flowers i was so eager that i could not wait till i get those Origami papers. So i tried out making this little Lotus flower using Duplex paper. Duplex paper was anyways a good substitute for Origami papers.

However, It came out quite good even with Duplex paper.

I'll be back with more of such paper flowers when i get Origami papers.
Till then enjoy this Lotus flower made of Duplex paper.

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Look at these little lotus :)




Sunday, 6 September 2009

Making Duplex paper Speaker Flowers

After a long time back with paper flower making. Here i did a very simple but really good looking speaker flowers.

Making of Speaker flowers were quite simple even for one who has never made any flower try out this one.

1. Duplex paper
2. Pollens / pips
3. Green Tape
4. Flower making thread
5. Aluminium wire


1. First cut triangle piece of duplex paper and stretch the edges of the paper to give a slight curve.

2. Apply glue on one end and stick the other end to it. You will get a cone shape of flower, stretch the edges again fine to get the curve of flower.

3. Take some pollens / pips and attach it to the aluminium wire.

4. Now pass on the wire through the cone shaped flower and tie it tightly.

5. Now cover the rest wire using green tape.

And here is my simple beautiful flower ready.

I give the credit to Kalalaya Art club where i learnt this Speaker flower, here i tried is a bit different procedure. You can view the Making Speaker flowers here from Kalalaya Art club.

Here is the one i made. Awaiting for your valuable comments:)


Complete view of flowers.


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