Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Making white sponge flowers

A new work on flower making. After a gap I'm here with flower making. Majorly everyone is familiar with cloth flower making and paper flower making. Here is something new with Sponge flowers. Yes flowers made out of white sponge.

The technique of making is exactly the same the only difference is material, instead of cloth or paper you need is a sheet of sponge to make these beautiful little rose flowers.

All that you need is sheet of sponge, aluminium wire, thread and green tape.

Here are some pictures of sponge flowers by which you will come to know the technique of sponge flower making.


Some more closer view on flowers.


The complete arranged flowers.


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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

How to do Ceramic work on Cup?

Here after a long time doing something on ceramic. I was just wondering on what should be the next things I'll be doing. As I'm making a Ceramic mural which is quite exciting for me as I'm doing it or the first time i thought of having a small ceramic work somewhere else too. So this time its a cup a normal looking plane cup.

I have done this ceramic work on cup which turned out amazingly too good.

This time ceramic does not have fevicol and all for mixing i used DINK. It is edible gum crystals are available in small pieces especially meant for eating after being cooked. It has 2 colour one clean white and brown. The brownish variety is basically used for adhesive purpose.

You need to get 1kg of DINK grind it properly and make fine powder out of it. Now soak the powder in water. The water level and DINK powder level should be same, now check out the next day and you can find it sticky and highly adhesive.

Materials used:

1. Whitening powder
2. DINK adhesive
3. Fevocil (White Glue)

How to make the dough:

1. Firstly take some amount of DINK and add 2tbsp of Fevicol (white glue)according to that add the same proportion of Whitening powder.

2. Mix all the three together nicely and make a dough. Proper soft dough.

3. To keep this dough last longer you need to keep it covered in a wet cloth inside an Air tight container.

4. Now take the required dough and make any shapes and designs you need and use it on any surface and make a beautiful looking ceramic work.

Here is the one i made on the cup. Ceramic flowers on the cup.

How is it? Comments please:)


Closer view on flowers.



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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

How to make Golden Tree ?

Hi, I know its quite long i have not updated anything. There were lot of things happening and that made me a bit lazy to do things and update anything. It's after long time i came up with somethings and started blogging again.

So here I'll be sharing with you on how to make Golden Tree. It was easy to make and looks really pretty.

Materials to be used to make Golden Tree.

1. Golden Wires
2. Beads (colourful or any single colour)
3. Golden Leaves

You can you anything to decorate the golden tree. You will even get a ready kit to make golden tree with leaves and beads.


1. Fold the golden wires around 10-15 of equal length into half and twist it in the bottom, now u'll have 20-30 branches.

2. Now take 5-6 branches equally from all sides and twist the remaining leaving a small gap or around 1cm gap.

3. Spread the branches equally and in each branch twist beads and leaves alternatively according to your wish.

4.Repeat the same method for the remaining branches.

5. Now divide the bottom into 3 equal parts and twist them and make it look like the tree stand.

With these simple 5 steps you can make a beautiful golden tree.
Here is my golden tree with golden leaves, beads and red colour fruits added to it.

How is it? Comments please :)


Here is a closer view.