Tuesday, 16 June 2009

How to make Kundan Flowers?

Friends have you ever thought you can make some different things out of Kundan stones other than some pretty jewellery or some Kundan work on dress and Saree's.

I have never thought of any use of these kundan stones other than jewellery and work on cloth. But that's not all you can actually make some pretty show pieces out of these stones, yes you can make kundan flowers out of these stones. and here is one more of my trial on new work on Kundan beads flowers.

Now how to make it and materials required:

1. Kundan stones/beads (different colours)
2. Golden wire (flower making wire)
3. Green tape

How to start with:

1. Firstly cut a piece of golden wire as per the length required by you.

2. You can see there are two holes on either sides of the Kundan stones/ beads

3. Insert the wire into the holes from back side of the stone, fold the wire and twist it.

4. This forms one petal and in the similar way make 5-6 petals as you need to make one flower.

5. After your petals are ready hold them aligned together and twist the remaining part of the wire and open the petals slowly and form a flower shape.Twist the wires
tightly and form the stem of flowers.

6. Now Now stick green tape around the stem.

7. Similarly make more such flowers and arrange them beautifully.

Sounds simple ..!! and yes it is simple to make such good looking show flowers.

I hope everyone will try out this art work and share with me.
Here is the one i made. How is it ?

Comments Please :)


Some more pics for you.




Saturday, 13 June 2009

Quilling patterns - Quilled earrings design

Came up with more on quilling accessories. These are more simple than another quilling designs and patterns. Make any quilled shape attach them together into the shape you wish and attach earring hooks to them and here is your beautiful earrings ready to wear.

You will take hardly 10 mins to make these kind of earrings, any colour and any design and you can wear these colorful eco-friendly earrings with any of your dress colour.

I'm sure you all will enjoy making these kind of earrings. Need to invest just some 10 mins of your time to make these earrings to match your dress.

I hope you all will try out making these wonderful patterns out of these paper strips.

Here are these beautiful earrings ready to rock. I hope you all like it.

Comments please. :)

These are quilled floral earrings.


Here is a pair of leafy earrings.


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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Quilling patterns - Quilled Accessories Clip

Thought of doing something more new in quilling and here i made a hair clip out of these simple paper strips.

It was not much difficult to make quilled hair clip and it came out really pretty.

I got a normal hair clip removed all those show things out of it and made it into a plane normal clip.

Now take 3" long yellow strips made it into teardrop shapes. Attach 5 teardrop to make one flower and 1" tight circle to make the flower center. In the same way make 5-6 flowers according to the clip size.

Now stick those flowers to the clip and your beautiful smart quilled clip is ready to use.
So try out this new creation in quilling and impress everyone by your own handmade clip.

Here is the one i made.



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Friday, 5 June 2009

Quilling Craft - Quilled Wall Clock

Here is something new in quilling craft which i made today. Here is a new quilled wall clock.

This was just a normal clock from which i had to remove all the needles and everything had to be taken out from the clock and i made it just a piece of plastic.

Here i had used a white mount board, cut it to the size of the round shaped clock.
Stick the mount board over it and make any kind of design you need to show it as clock.

Here it is like i made 4 red flowers to show as time 12.00, 3.00, 6.00, 9.00 and you can think of anything like this to show those timings proper perfect.

So this is my new creation in quilling. As for first time it didn't turn out that good, but for the first try cant be considered good.