Friday, 13 March 2009

Quilling Craft - Quillied colourful Wreath

There are lots of patterns and designs in quilling so coming up with new and wonderful designs. Here i have made a colourful wreath with quilling strips.

1. Quilling strips (different colours)
2. Quilling needle
3. Glue

How to make:
1. Making loose circle flower (make 5): Roll 5 2" loose circles and glue to a 2 1/2" tight circle.

2. Bunny ear flowers (make 4): Glue together 3 pieces of 2 1/2" bunny ears. Roll 2 pieces of 2" green marquises and glue to flowers as leaves.

3. Fringed Flowers (make 8): Make 8 fringed flowers using 3" lengths of 1/4" width paper.

4. Greenery: Roll 4 green 2 1/2" teardrops, 10 green 1 1/2" loose scrolls.

5. Bow: For each loop of bow, position 2" length of 2 pieces red strip. Curl these slightly and glue the ends. Curve these into a loop and glue the ends and add a2" loose circle to the center of the bow.

Now position the flowers, leaves and scrolls together as shown in the picture.

Quilling Wreath

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Monday, 9 March 2009

Crystal Glass painting - Beautiful Red Roses

Here is my first try on something new to glass painting. This is mostly known to everyone but i have tried Crystal glass painting for the first time.

It was a bit confusing for me when i saw its pictures for the first time on a website, so thought of trying out from my side. The materials used were simple as of glass painting itself just an extra thing used were crystal glass pieces.

Materials used:
1. Glass (size as per your design)
2. Crystal pieces
3. Glue
4. Design for tracing
5. Glass paint colours
6. Black glass liner

How to make:

1. Just as you do normal glass painting trace design on glass using black glass liner.

2. If the designs has different portions then it will be more easier and more attractive. So apply glue on each portions and paste the crystal pieces on them.
After you apply the crystal pieces colour them as per the design. Follow the procedure as per the picture shown.


3. The same procedure applies to the whole design.

4. If you want you can do this technique only on flowers and do the normal glass painting for the other parts like leaves and all, this can give a different effect on your painting.

5. This way try out this new technique on glass painting. When i tried out i never thought this can turn out so amazing.

Friends, I would like to get suggestions for this painting technique as this is just a trial from my side. So if anyone thinks there can be different method for crystal glass painting feel free to share with me.

Here is my completed painting technique.



I have the same design on a different background.



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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Quilling Craft - Floral and curls pattern

I am here with some more beautiful designs on Quilling craft. This design is also done on an envelope. This design has lot of flowers, leaves and curls.

The flowers are given 3D effect by using 2 colours of flowers and placing it one above the other. For more effect the flowers are placed above the stem and curls so that the flowers will be embossed out.

Check out this beautiful design on Quilling.

Let me know your comments on this design.



The complete picture of the design.


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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Quilling patterns and designs - Design on Envelope

If you start trying out Quilling you can get any design any pattern. If you have good imagination power and creativity you can create any kind of designs.

Here i tried out a beautiful design on envelope.

This time the design got good scrolls, i tried out doing scrolls designs and it came out really good.

The flower pattern is a bit different. I have arranged each petal alternatively using different pattern and colours.

use two different colour marquises for petals and arrange it in a 3D effect.
Place one petal on the paper as normally you glue it and for the second petal give and embossed effect i.e. don't stick it to the paper instead just glue the tip of the petal and emboss it.

Here is the envelope of designs using different colours and patterns.




Here is the same design using different colour.


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