Sunday, 8 February 2009

Valentines Day Gifts - Flower Bouquets

14th February has been known as Valentine's Day. This is the perfect occasion for romantic proposals and dating. On this day, gift your sweetheart with flowers, soft toys, candles, diamonds, chocolates, gift baskets, perfume, books, watches, jewellery and others. Shower love and enjoy the day with your beloved.

Flowers are always a common gift as the beautiful colour of flowers make every heart eager to say it loud, 'I Love You'. So let your loved one say this everyday as you can gift him / her flowers that wont ever fade its beauty. Yes, you heard it right these are duplex paper flowers that you can turn it into a beautiful handmade bouquet.

Method to make these Cosmos flowers:

1. Take some cotton to add for the bud cover the cotton using any dark colour duplex paper.

2. Add pips / pollen surrounding the small bud and tie it tightly. See the pic below you will come to know how the pips / pollens are arranged around the buds and attach aluminium wire to it.


3. Now take a square piece of duplex paper fold it into four parts cut the ends giving a round shape and pass the aluminium wire through the center of the round duplex paper.

4. Twist the paper slowly to give wrinkled effect to the flower.

5. In the same way make as much flowers you want and arrange a proper bouquet with some dried leaves and all that are easily available.

These flower bouquet can be gifted for any occasion. I have personally made this bouquet for my friends birthday. I hope she will like it a lot.

Here is the beautiful flower bouquet ready to gift to you dear ones.



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Blogger parul said...

hi...this looks so beautiful and so simple in making.i'll definitely try them.

22 September 2009 at 04:14  

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