Friday, 20 February 2009

Quilling craft - Floral Garden

Making Quilling craft has just become easier for me day by day and i am gonna try lot more things and will be sharing lots of new work.

Here i made a garden of flowers using some bright colours.


1. Quilling Strips (colours as required)
2. Quilling Needle
3. Glue

How to make:

1. Teardrop Flower: Glue together 3 orange 2" teardrops for petals and add a brown 2' tight circle for the flower's center.

2. Bunny ear flower: Glue together 4 purple 2" bunny ears for the petals and add a yellow 2" tight circle for flower's center. The stems are short lengths of green paper. Add 2" green 1" loose scrolls.

3. Leaves: Roll 3 meadow green 4" marquises for leaves.


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Blogger ram said...

hello Reshmi,

firstly i would like to appreciate you for your creative talent n sharing your ideas.i just visited ur blog today.... i will explore it n try to workout something.
i would like to know what's the paper used in quilling n also origami paper methods...any terminology in local language (im asking as you are from maharashtra..presently i am staying in nagpur)..
thanku in advance.


3 July 2009 at 00:10  
Blogger Reshmi Nair said...

Hi Ram,
Thanx a lot for your comment..

These quilling strips are easily available in market.. These bacially seems to be gateway material.. The4re are precut strips available in market.. JUst ask for quilling strips.. I'm sure u'll get it.


18 July 2009 at 20:45  

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