Sunday, 11 January 2009

How to make Tea Bag Folding Craft

Tea bag folding is a paper folding technique, using tea bags or small printed pieces of paper to form a geometric design. It is also known as kaleidoscope folding. Tea bag folding has their own unique techniques. You can experiment a lot of folding techniques and have fun.

It was difficult for me to find the Tea Bag Fold Paper, so as its my first try i made it out of gift wrapping paper.

Here I would like to share one of the simple folding technique with you all.

Materials you need:
1. Tea bag folding paper (Its ready paper which shows square pieces of design or as your first try you can try using gift wrapping paper)
2. Scissor
3. Glue
4. Card paper (for greeting card)

How to make?

Follow these simple folding techniques shown in the picture.

1. Take a square piece of paper (tea bag marble piece) and fold it from one corner to other as shown in the picture.


2. In the second fold you need to take the other two ends and fold it to the center point.


3. The second fold should like this.


4. Now make the fourth fold from the folded two ends as shown in the doted lines.


5. The fourth fold should like this.


6. Make four such similar folds and arrange it accordingly.


Now make a greeting card out of these simple tea bag designs.

Here is my greeting card ready made out of Tea bag folding craft. I will come up with more on tea bag fold technigues and greeting cards.


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