Sunday, 2 November 2008

Embroidery Design on Cloth

Embroidery is a beautiful handicraft sewn on fabric or garment with colored threads and create a beautiful design. Embroidery can be by hand or machine.

Embroidery can be done on any kind of fabric. You can design your own dress, curtains, bedsheets, cushion covers, towels, Saree's, etc.

There are different varieties of embroidery stitches and lots of different designs. You can get these designs from anywhere in art store. A book can help to to learn different embroidery designs.

Here I did "Long Stitch" embroidery work on a kurta. I just used in this design is long stitches i.e. draw a design you like on fabric and take out any thread colour of your choice take the needle and thread inside from one end and then take it out from one end. You should use an embroidery ring so that the cloth will hold tight on it and the design can me made in a more neat and proper way. In this way do this stitches evenly on the design.

Here is the one made by me.


Using some decorative beads or any other decorative items on the embroidery.



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