Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Candle Making

Friends its Diwali time so decorate your home with beautiful lights, and if the light is home made it can add more beauty to your home.

Candle making is one that can add some more beauty to the decorations. Gel candles are easy to make, but I had a difficult task making it as this was my first try in Candle making. Gel candles are burn longer than wax candles. You can try out different ways to make beautiful candles making layers or adding embeddings in glass containers or any other translucent container. Decorate your home with these beautiful candles made on your own.


Gel Wax
Candle Scents
Candle dyes
Wick Base
Glass container


1. Firstly stick one end of the wick by a wick base or glue in the container. Suspend the wick vertically in the container by tying it to a split cane or a toothpick.

2. Melt the wax in a double boiler or in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. The gel wax may take more time for melting than paraffin wax.

3. Add any colour to it. You will want to add your color and scent fairly quick because the gel will set fast. Only liquid colour is recommended for optimum effects. (strictly only one or two drops, otherwise it may ignite the whole surface of the gel when you light them)

4.Pour the wax into the container - down the side to prevent bubbles. The higher the pouring temperature, the fewer bubbles.

5. If you want bubbles for effect, you should let the gel cool before pouring.

5. Pull the wick up straight and center it.

6. Once candle is fully cooled down it will be ready to burn.

You can create all kinds of interesting candles by pouring different colours of gel on top of each other. Allow each layer to completely set before pouring next.

You can even add some decorative items likes shells, sand, small stones, dried leaves etc. as per you wish.

In this way a beautiful gel candle is prepared. This will surly add more beauty to your home.

Here is the candles. The first one is with bubbles and rest with shells and beads.


The burning candles.



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