Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Stencil Painting - Cute Little Rose

Yes again Stencil Art, but this time we'll learn Stencil painiting. Yes a bit different to earlier one (Stencil Making).

*The same that is needed for stencil making*
1. Colours
2. Dry brush (Thick one)

In stencil painting the only difference is u should cut the stencil design in card paper instead of felt cloth. Once you are done with stencil cutting on card paper use any material u would like to paint, for eg: hard paper, felt cloth, cotton cloth, wall, glass etc.. Place the stencil design over the material and apply colour using dry brush on the surface of material (inside the stencil) or even otside the stencil design if you need some more difference in design.

Here is a sample design to show you how it looks.

This is made by making a simple flower design and by following the above instructions.

Why only dry brush?
This is because if water is applied on the colour or brush there are chances the colour may spread around. So be careful to use only dry brush.

Now this is about normal brush when you need to paint inside the sencil, you can even try using diff materials for colouring the material with stencil.
Different tools you can try with:
1. Cotton (while using cotton just dip the cotton in the colour and dab it on the stencil the design will be on the material of its own)
2. Sponge
3. Toothbrush (spray it all over the stencil design)

Try this out using all these tools and see the results.

Here is a stencil painintg for you.


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