Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sand Emboss Painting - Bunch of Flowers

Today i'll start with something different and very exciting. Sand Emboss Painting. This is a very simple and beautiful art.

All u need to do is follow the procedure of Emboss painting, but after the design gets embossed we need to add sand on the design.
Will explain you in detail how is this done.

Materials Required

*Use the materials needed for emboss painting for the base design.*
1. Sand-various colours
2. A good design
3. Trace paper
4. Fevicol
5. Water Colours
6. Varnish

First trace the design on the black velvet cloth. Apply emboss solution as said in the emboss painting.
Apply fevicol to the design on the area that needs the same colour, sprinkle the coloured sand on it. Leave it for a minute and then reverse it on a paper, so that the excess sand will be removed. The sand sticks only on the area where fevicol is applied.
In the same way apply fevicol and sand on the whole picture.

You can even use water colours to give shades for the design or if the sand colour looks dull.
Giving water colours coat makes the painting look bright and lively.
Give it a coat of varnish after the whole painting gets dry.

A beautiful Sand Emboss Painting is ready

Sand Emboss Painting-Bunch of Flowers


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