Thursday, 7 August 2008

Rim Zim Painting - Radha Krishna

This is Rim Zim painting, can say as easy as Emboss painting.This painting is simple but time consuming too.

There are lot of people who don't know about Rim Zim painting. So let me help you out how can you make a beautiful Rim Zim painting.
Rim Zim means "Sparkle" that doesn't mean using sparkle colours. Here is how u can can make Rim Zim painting in just few simple steps.

1. White Canvas Cloth
2. Black colour thin marker pen
3. Glass paint Colours
4. Trace paper with design you like
5. white multi colour Sparkle powder (do not use colourful sparkle powder and powder should be very fine)
6. Fevicol (or any glue)

How to make Rim Zim painting?
Firstly trace the design on the cloth using black marker pen (thin marker).
Apply fevicol all over the white cloth and spread the sparkle powder over the fevicol and allow it to dry completely.
(Coloured sparkle powder should not be used as the design will not be visible so it should be white multi colour powder.)
After the whole thing gets dry you can apply glass paint colour on the design as per your requirement.
As the design is you can decorate it with beads and sequences.

Why to use only glass paint colour ?

This is because if we use fabric colour, water colour or any other colour the sparkle effect wont be much.
Glass paint colour is transparent colour which give the sparkle effect of the painting.

Here is a beautiful Rim Zim Painting.

Rim Zim Painting-Radha Karishna


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Blogger Pooja said...

3 Cheers to ur painting skills !
u've a great talent !

10 November 2008 at 07:32  
Anonymous Remya said...

You are too good yaar!!!!

13 February 2009 at 03:48  

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