Saturday, 23 August 2008

Metal Emboss Painting - Lord Ganesha

This time is a different painting. Its painting on Aluminium Sheet. Need lot of hard work to complete this painintg. This is fun and easy to do and let us start how to learn this beautiful painting.

Materials used for Metal Emboss painting.

1. Aluminium Sheet
2. Craft Paint Brushes
3. Trace of design
4. Golden anti rust liquid
5. Cotton
6. Kerosene
7. Ball pointed pen

Embossing Tools:

Embossing Tools

Method of Embossing:
1. Stick the trace of the design to the four corners of the aluminium sheet. Using the ball pen trace the design over the trace paper using pressure, so that the impression would look clear on the aliminium sheet.

2.Put dots around the design with a small hammer, you will get this hammer along with the Embossing tools. This dots around the figure that needs to be embossed will make the art look more attractive.

3. Keep a cushion on a flat surface and place the reverse side of the picture on it and emboss the picture by pressing hard with the embossing tools. The force used should be a bit more to get good results and when turned on the front side,the picture will be embossed (projected).

4. Now use golden anti rust on whole metal and make sure the background should look more dark than the actual picture.

5. To give lighter shade to the picture take some cotton and keep it inside the cotton piece of cloth and dip it in kerosene and rub it over the actual picture so that the excess anti rust solution will be removed.

Use proper tools according to the picture, be patient and get amazing results.

Here is a super Metal Emboss Picture.

Metal Emboss painting-Lord Ganesha


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Blogger Arati said...

Hi Reshmi, that's a wonderful blog you have. Artistic :)...Embossing is a tough art and I agree with you on that. I'm planning to start with it. Can you please tell me where you get these (wooden) embossing tools? Have been looking for it since long...I stay in Mumbai. Thanks in advance

13 May 2009 at 02:11  
Blogger alpana said...

hi rashmi
I used to do embosing long back. I am planning to start it again. I have all tools but I dont remember the thikness of alluminium sheet.
Can you pls help me?
P.S. - liked your blog a lot.

19 September 2009 at 04:42  

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