Sunday, 24 August 2008

Leaf Painting - Leafy Natural Beauty

Leaf Painting is a unique kind of painting that can done on fabric or any materials that you would like to paint. Today here I'll let you know about Leaf painting on fabric material. Plain fabrics can be made attractive by leaf painting. This is a very simple painting even kids can try out. The painting can be made more attractive by using proper colours.

You need is:
1. Fabric Paint
2. Brush
3. Leaves (any size and shapes with thick vain)
4. Fabric that you wish to paint.

1. Firstly take leaves that you got make sure those are thick vained leaves to make the painting look very natural and colour the leaf on the back side completely with the chosen colour.

2. Now stick the leaves on the fabric and press well.

3. Leaves can be stuck according to your choice as it suits the fabric and now let the fabric dry for atleast 24Hrs.

4. After the painting gets dry do iron the design from back side so that the painting could last longer.

1. Before making the print on the good material it is better have a trial on a rough cloth.
2. You can stitch some sequences and beads to make the design more attractive.

Here are pictures for you.

Leaf Painting-Leafy Natural Beauty


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This is beautiful!

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