Saturday, 16 August 2008

Fabric Painting - White Flowers on Mat

Fabric Painting is basically for any layman. Go creative by getting some colours and brush or any tool that you would like to try.

All u need is :
1. Cloth which you wish to design
2. Colours (Fabric colours, fevicryl)
3. Brush of different size
4. Trace paper
5. Good design (Majorly Floral designs as it suits the best in fabric if you wish to design your own cloth)

Firstly all you have to do is trace the design on the cloth. Colour the design using fabric colours and brush. to make it more beautiful you can add sequences and any decorative stuffs on the design.

1. The cloth after painting should be kept aside for atleast 24Hours so that the design gets completely dry.
2. After the design get dry apply hot iron from the back side or there are chances the design may go after washing the cloth.

Are you creative enough, then try all kinds of designs you can without any trace paper or any ready made designs.

Fabric painting-White Flowers

If you are not good in drawing or don't have any design to make then try doing spray painting.
Its simple take any old toothbrush dip the brush in colours just spray it on the cloth and you can see various designs on it.

Try it and you will get amazing results.


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Blogger vrinda said...

its awsome and i'll try it coz i love painting...thanxx a lot!!!!

24 September 2010 at 05:39  

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