Thursday, 21 August 2008

Dry Brush Painting

Dry brush painting is something to do on a rough surface like canvas, wood. Dry brush painting gives the surface a scratchy effect. Dry brush the name itself says no water at all. In this painintg brush is just dipped in the colour and start painting directly.

Methods of painting:
1. The brush should be moved across the surface rapidly to get a natural effect.
2. The brush should be filled with paint.
3. When you start a stroke the start colour should be fresh on the first and then should be light as it goes further.
4. Dry Brush utilizes no water or medium other than paint to wet the brush.
5. Dry brush painting give a very good effect on wet surface.
6. A dark and light colour shades are a good combination for dry brush painting.

This is a beauiful Dry brush painting.

Dry brush painting-Pink Flowers


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